Washroom Range

With a stylish design, the suitability of our products excel, even in the most demanding washroom environments.

  • Sanair

    The Revolutionary 2-in-1 system : Aircare and Cleaner & Deodoriser

  • Puresan

    The Dedicated Cleaning and Deodorising System

  • Microair Air Freshener

    The Compact, discreet and Long Lasting Air Freshener

Why Choose Us?

We are an ISO 9001 accredited UK manufacturer and supplier of innovative hygiene products with a global reach.

We are proud of the fact that we manufacture our entire range in-house. This allows us to ensure a consistent level of quality in every stage of the supply chain. Our product range consists in Air
Fresheners, Fragrances, Cleaners & Deodorisers, Urinal Screens, Sanitary Bins, Washroom Vending Machines and Consumables, all of them thoroughly designed to meet customers preferences and applications.

Unicorn Hygienics builds strategic partnerships internationally that enable us to capitalise on local expertise and technologies, in turn serving to consistently improve our products and stay ahead of global trends.

Vending Range

Designed and manufactured in the UK for washroom service companies to facilitate increased sales to your customers with our reliable, easy-to-service products.

Sanitary & Nappy Bins

Stylish solutions for cleaner washroom environments. Available in various styles and colours, our Sanitary Bins are a great addition and service to any washroom.

  • Sanibin

    The cornerstone of washrooms

  • Maxibin

    Maximum disposal for busy washrooms

  • Medibin

    Perfect for nappy disposal