Who We Are

Unicorn Hygienics is a privately owned business which specialises in the design and manufacture of products and systems for Washroom Service Companies.

Established in 2001 it has grown to become a market leader in this area. Unicorn Hygienics is part of the FHS Group which has diverse and impressive manufacturing facilities where we fabricate steel, injection-mould plastic and have a filling line for our aerosols and deodorisers refills.

Global Reach

Unicorn Hygienics export to 24 countries worldwide through offering product exclusivity. We build strategic partnerships internationally that enable us to capitalise on local expertise and technologies, in turn serving to consistently improve our products and stay ahead of global trends.

We trade in the following countries : UK, Ireland, Spain, Portugal, Italy, France, Belgium, Netherlands, Sweden, Norway, Australia, USA, Chile, India, UAE, Bulgaria, Greece, Qatar, Jamaica, Puerto Rico, Austria, Colombia, Kuwait, China.


Environmental Responsibility

We take our environmental responsibility very seriously. In the recent years we have invested in the installation of new equipment which contribute to minimise our manufacturing impact on the environment and therefore optimise energy efficiency.

In March 2013 we invested in energy efficient lighting (capital invested of £44k) in our factory in Markethill.  In December 2014, we installed biomass boilers in our Lisburn factory (capital investment of £100k). In addition, we introduced energy efficient lighting in our Lisburn factory (March 2015) and in May 2015 we invested in PV Panels in Lisburn (capital investment £61k) .

Besides our investment in new equipment, we also ensure that nothing goes to waste in our manufacturing process by recycling steel that is excess to production and regrinding plastic for reuse.

Our Principles


  • Develop professional, trustworthy, successful partnerships with washroom service companies that seamlessly enhance their route to market.
  • Encourage an atmosphere of curiosity in order to continually  challenge the status quo and maintain a market-leading position.
  • Drive our customers’ success by consistently delivering leading-edge products in a time-effective manner.
  • Operate effectively as this is critical to the success of our business.
  • Employ top professionals who deliver exceptional performance.
  • Maximise the potential of our people by establishing a pro-active environment where people have freedom to act.
  • Foster a positive ‘can do’ culture where people are engaged and take ownership.
  • Support each other in understanding, mitigating and sharing risk in a no-blame culture.


  • Design, Develop & Manufacture the best washroom hygiene systems, supplying internationally whilst continually improving our approach to customer interaction.


  • Impact-oriented (making a difference)
  • Professionalism
  • Trustworthy
  • High performing
  • Freedom
  • Understanding
  • Curiosity
  • Challenging
  • Hard working
  • Fun-loving