How to increase the intensity of the fragrance in your toilet

We have already talked about the semantics of odours, and how we generally associate bad odours as a sign of uncleanliness. In the same way, a good smelling deodorised restroom is clearly identified as a sign of cleanliness and, most importantly, customer care. But, how do we actually get washrooms to smell consistently pleasant despite frequent use? We give you the Unicorn 5 keys to achieve the fragrance intensity you are looking for!

Fragrance intensity1. Avoid the ‘Fragrance Clash’

Perfume consumption has become a common practice amongst women and men alike. Some people love one particular scent or brand and remain loyal to it. Some others prefer going with the market trends. There are so many different habits when it comes to fragrance consumption! But the truth is none of us use layers of different perfumes at the same time. This is because we understand that mixing them can create an unpleasant result, which is commonly known as fragrance clash.

The so-called ‘fragrance clash’ also exists in the washroom fragrance world! Some of you may have experienced going into a toilet and noticing different smells coming from different dispensers such as air fresheners, cleaners and deodorisers or even urinal screens in the case of the gents. In a perfect, logical and co-ordinated world, all those applications would be uses with the same fragrance. This would not only avoid fragrance clash and ensure the correct blend of top, middle and base notes combinations, but would also consolidate and multiply the fragrance intensity creating an strong, unified ambience.

2. Go for Fragrance Consistency

In plain English, if you like peach, just use peach in all your applications. Using peach in your air freshener and bubblegum in your cleaner and deodoriser will most likely end up in fragrance clash! All Unicorn fragrances are available throughout our entire washroom product range. This means our clients can increase the intensity of their preferred aroma by using the same fragrance in all of their dispensers. We encourage our customers to use the same aroma in Sanair, Puresan, Puress, Microair and Purescreen in order to create harmonic ambiances with a strong fragrance intensity.

3. Use Top Quality Concentrated Fragrances

Guaranteed you know the difference between eau de toilette and eau de parfum! First difference we all notice straightaway is the price. Perfumes are more expensive than eau de toilette and this is related to the concentration of essence they contain. The weaker the formula, the cheaper the price, and also the quicker the scent dissipates off of your body and into the air around you.

We offer more than 10 different fragrances in our Sanair, Puresan, Puress and Microair refills range. These are formulated by leading international fragrance houses and comply to IFRA standards, ensuring customers consistently receive superior products.

4. Neutralize the Malodours

Bad smells are the result of volatile molecules – chemicals that evaporate quickly – drifting through the air and ending up in our nose. The neutralising agent of our formulations makes these compounds ‘invisible’ to our nose! The Malodor Conteractant advanced technology works by changing the brain’s perception of what the nose is smelling – bad odours seem then pleasant as they have been neutralised and replaced with the desired fragrance.

5. Keep your surfaces clean and hygienic

The rationale is the same as in the best time to apply your perfume is directly after your shower! Preparing your skin is essential  to guarantee a strong, long-lasting scent. Apply the same rule when it comes to your washroom and make sure surfaces are clean and hygienic. A clean toilet is the ideal starting point to get the most out of your favourite fragrance.

Both our Puresan and Sanair refills automatically produce a concentrated and fragranced foam that cleans the toilet and reduces surface spots and deposits in the urinal porcelain micro-pores. The surfactant in the formula also prevents limescale build-up by cleaning the surface of the toilet each time a dose is charged.

Following the 5 steps above will guarantee a strong, consistent and long-lasting fragrance intensity of your favourite aroma.

If you require any further information about our Sanair, Puresan, Puress and Microair refills give our team a call today on 028 9264 0827 or send us an email to You can also talk to our multilingual team through our webchat facility from 9am to 5pm Monday to Friday.

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