Microair Air Freshener Refill (100ml )

Creating a big difference

Microair Air Freshener Refill (100ml )

The Microair air freshener refills, used in conjunction with the Microair air freshener system, utilises advanced technology to eliminate bad odours whilst creating distinctly unique ambiances within the washroom environment.

All refills are formulated by leading fragrance houses and rigorously tested and manufactured in-house, ensuring that our customers consistently receive superior products.

Microair refills

The 100ml Puress refills have the following main benefits:

  • Top Quality Concentrated Fragrances: We offer more than 10 different fragrances on our Microair aerosols. These are formulated by leading fragrance houses and manufactured in house, ensuring customers consistently receive superior products.
  • Fragrance Consistency: All our fragrances are available throughout our entire washroom product range. This means our clients can increase the intensity of their preferred aroma by using the same fragrance in all of our applications. Having a global, logical and co-ordinated approach to fragrance also helps avoiding fragrance clash, and ensures the correct blend of top, middle and base notes combinations. We encourage our customers to use the same aroma in Sanair, Puresan, Puress, Microair and Purescreen in order to create harmonic ambiances.
  • Elite Nozzle: The Microair aerosols come equipped with our Elite anti-leakage nozzle. This nozzle has interior walls that prevent even the smallest leakages and ensure a fine mist is dispensed in the air.

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*100ml refills may be compatible with other market dispensers.

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Further Information

  • Available in a range of fragrances
  • Fragrance consistency
  • 3,000 metered sprays per refill
  • Anti-leakage nozzle
  • Made in the UK
  • MSDS safety sheets available
  • REACH and CLP compliant
  • CFC free

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