The Dedicated Cleaning and Deodorising System


The Puresan cleaner and deodoriser dispenser 310ml is an automatic programmable system, an excellent solution to keep toilets and urinals hygienic 24 hours a day 7 days a week.

The Puresan cleaner and deodoriser dispenser is easily programmable for any application and comes with a wide range of 310ml refills – concentrated formulations which eliminate washroom odours while providing a fresh and pleasant fragrances.
  • Smooth surface to reduce dust build-up
  • Transparent window to protect branding area
  • Wires hidden to stop tampering
  • Keyed or un-keyed lock
  • Graphic area to allow units to be customised with company logo
  • Standard finishes: white, silver and chrome
Programmable dispenser:
Spray frequency programming:
  • 30days service program sprays every 14 minutes
  • 60days service program  sprays every 28 minute
LEDs operation:
  • Normal use: Green LED flashes once every 1.5 seconds.
  • Battery warning: Red LED lashes once every 1.5 seconds when battery has 2 month life remaining.
  • Refill replacement: Green LED flashes once every 3 seconds when refill is empty.
 What problems can Puresan solve?
  • Bad odours as a result of urine deposits & organic material in pipes
  • Dirt and stains in toilets and urinal porcelain
  • Infection from sprinkled water
  • Inhibits the growth of bacteria and the build-up of lime scale formation in porcelain, pipes and pipelines.
  • Costs associated with additional cleaning products
  • Reduction in the number of manual cleaning/servicing calls

13 non-hazardous fragrances available in our Puresan dispenser.

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Further Information

  • Operates with 310ml refill
  • Smooth surfaces reduce dust build-up
  • Customisable (Logo/Cover Colour)
  • Keyed lock
  • Hidden Wiring
  • Operates on 2 x D Cell batteries for long life
  • Non return valve for extra pressure
  • Spirit Level to help with installation
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • Available in white, silver and chrome
  • Height: 220mm
  • Width: 145mm
  • Depth: 80mm
  • Weight: 800g
  • Dispenser: Polypropylene
  • Cover: ABS Cover
  • Lens: Polycarbonate

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