Puresan Refill (310ml)

Perfect scents for washrooms

Puresan Refill (310ml)
The Puresan refills used in conjunction with the Puresan cleaning and deodorising system.
Our formulations provide continuous automatic cleaning maintenance through an innovative dosing system that cleanses and deodorises the toilet 24 hours a day 7 days a week.


The Puresan 310ml refills have the following main benefits:

Non-hazardous formulations: We have recently improved our Puresan formula to eliminate hazards. Our Puresan refills are compliant with CLP and REACH regulations, and have the added advantage of being environmentally friendly with reduced costs for packaging transport, storage and disposal.

Hygienic Surfaces: Our Puresan refills assist in reducing stains in toilets and urinals. Every flush produces a concentrated and fragranced foam that reduces surface spots and deposits in the urinal porcelain micro-pores. The surfactant in the formula also prevents limescale build-up by cleaning the surface of the toilet each time a dose is charged.

Bad Odours Tacked at the Source: Puresan formulations inhibit the build up of deposits which cause blockages and clog internal pipes, traps and drains. This is key to eliminating bad odours which are formed as a result of urine deposits and organic material in pipes.

Malodour Conteractant Technology: Our formulations are highly effective with 70% reduction in malodour perception. The advanced technology works by changing the brain’s perception of what the nose is smelling, making bad odours seem pleasant by neutralising malodours molecules and replacing them with the desired fragrance.

Top Quality Concentrated Fragrances: We offer more than 10 different fragrances in our Puresan refills range. These are formulated by leading international fragrance houses and comply to IFRA standards, ensuring customers consistently receive superior products.

Fragrance Consistency: All our fragrances are available throughout our entire washroom product range. This means our clients can increase the intensity of their preferred aroma by using the same fragrance in all of our applications. Having a global, logical and co-ordinated approach to fragrance also helps avoiding fragrance clash, and ensures the correct blend of top, middle and base notes combinations. We encourage our customers to use the same aroma in Sanair, Puresan, Puress, Microair and Purescreen in order to create harmonic ambiances.

Puresan Biofluids

Puresan Biofluids formulation consists of  naturally occurring aerobic organisms which, unlike other washroom products that chemically attack odour sources, harmlessly digests odour causing substances such as urine and fatty acids.

Due to this unique biological action the odour is completely neutralised at source rather than simply masking the odour like other washroom products . The microorganisms break down harmful bacteria and substances such as urine and also feed on the by-products hence the malodour is destroyed quickly with the release of harmless carbon dioxide to the atmosphere.

The carefully formulated Puresan Biofluid also contains a mild but powerful totally biodegradable surfactant derived from coconut oil.

The combination of safe powerful microorganisms and a efficacious surfactant therefore keep urinals and toilet bowls fresh and hygienic . The build-up of biofilms, uric acid deposits, malodour and staining which represent a potential reservoir for pathogens is greatly reduced.

UHL Biofluids are available as fragranced and non-fragranced.

  • Bio Pure: Environmentally friendly product containing biological enzymes which eliminate washroom odours.
  • Bio Senso: Environmentally friendly product containing biological enzymes which eliminate washroom odours and create a fresh mandarin background fragrance.

The Puresan 310ml Biofluids have the following main benefits:

  • Do not contain chemicals: biological activity eliminates the source of the odour by digesting it naturally. Puresan Biofluids use nature to get to the source of the odour problem – organic waste digesting bacteria
  • Do not mask the problem: fast acting odour counteractant binds/encapsulates the odour
  • Safe and Powerful: Puresan Biofluids have residual efficacy

bio-pure-310ml bio-senso-310ml

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*310ml refills may be compatible with other market dispensers.

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Further Information

  • Refill Capacity of 310ml
  • Non-hazardous
  • Available in a range of fragrances
  • 3,000 metered doses per refill
  • Malodour Conteractant Technology
  • Top Quality Fragrances
  • Fragrance Consistency
  • Reduces stains
  • Free Pipelines
  • Made in the UK
  • MSDS safety sheets available
  • REACH and CLP compliant
  • Chemical and Biological Formats Available

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