Purescreen Urinal Mat

A new urinal mat design

Purescreen Urinal Mat
Purescreen is the newest urinal mat design that keeps urinals free from clogging, hygienic and fresh for 30 days. 
Our Purescreen urinal mat has a unique surface design which is an effective solution against splashback and clogging. Purescreen texture consists in nodules purposefully distributed, this has been proved to be a relentless system to control the urine impact and improve the flow. 

Purescreen urinal mat has been perfectly mixed with our formulations to reduce bad odours and provide a freshly fragranced environment.

Its highly flexible material fits in any urinal and avoids urine impregnation.

  • Fragrance harmony: Purescreen is available in five of our range of washroom fragrances in order to avoid the ‘fragrance clash’.
  • Hygienic replacement: Non-touch removal system to avoid skin contact and gloves provided.
  • Reminder system: Clock indicator system allows controlling the time maintenance easily.
  • Non-hazardous: Ethically made using our own non-hazardous formulations. No restrictions in transportation and storage.

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Further Information

  • Senso Mandarin
  • Seville Orange
  • Mediterranean Forest
  • Cool Mint
  • Air Concept
  • Flexible
  • Reduces bad odours
  • Prevents urinals from splashback and clogging
  • Non-touch removal system
  • Clock indicator system
  • Weight: 43.7gms
  • Diameter: 174mm
  • Thickness: 1.95mm – 9mm
  • EVA, ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer with an encapsulating fragrance.

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