Our Washroom Range is expertly designed and manufactured to ensure that our products are the best quality available for your washroom.


Cleaners and Deodorisers

The Sanair  is a revolutionary aircare and cleaning & deodorising system, designed to continually spray concentrated fragrances on surfaces and in the air to eliminate odours and clear piping.

The Puresan is designed exclusively to combat and neutralise the build-up of bacteria and other germs which normally accumulate on washroom surfaces such as WC’s and urinals.


Air Fresheners

The Puress is a tough and long lasting air freshening system designed to excel in the most demanding washroom environments.

The automatic Microair is a more discreet, yet robust air freshening system that is fully programmable.

Purescreen Urinal Screen

The Purescreen is the intelligent scented urinal screen that keeps urinals hygienic and fresh for 30 days preventing them from splashback and clogging.

Our Washroom Fragrances are available across all our Dispensers and Purescreen . These refills are formulated by leading fragrance houses and rigorously tested and manufactured in-house, ensuring that our customers consistently receive superior products.