Washroom Fragrances

Intense and Consistent Washroom Fragrances

Washroom Fragrances

All of our washroom fragrances have refills available. These refills are formulated by leading fragrance houses and rigorously tested and manufactured in-house, ensuring that our customers consistently receive superior products.

Fragrance Consistency: All our fragrances are available throughout our entire washroom product range. This means our clients can increase the intensity of their preferred aroma by using the same fragrance in all of our applications. Having a global, logical and co-ordinated approach to fragrance also helps avoiding fragrance clash, and ensures the correct blend of top, middle and base notes combinations. We encourage our customers to use the same aroma in Sanair, Puresan, Puress, Microair and Purescreen in order to create harmonic ambiances.

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Our Fragrances

Air Concept

A fresh and youthful smelling bubblegum fragrance.

Citrus Nostrum

An intense citrus bouquet with candied fruits and sweet nuts. Top note is raspberry and plum coupled with spearmint and orange peel. Middle note has jasmine and muguet. Base note is vanilla and coconut.

Orange One

A strong grapefruit juice and orange zest complex. The top note is orange, lemon, cassis and grapefruit. Middle note is neroli and geranium. Base note is vanilla, cedarwood and musk.

Mediterranean Forest

A strident, citrus, fresh green bouquet of fruit and forest greenery combining a top note of eucalyptus leaf and orange. Middle note is jasmine and white floral bouquets. Base note is coconut.

Senso Mandarin

A concentrated mandarin with a strong orange background. Top note is Sicilian mandarin juice, Brazilian orange and mint. Middle note is muguet, geranium and neroli. Base note is vanilla & musk.

Cool Mint

A fresh mint composition with a mix of different mint oils – spearmint, peppermint and eucalyptus – to give a penetrating but pleasant freshness. Base note has a hint of moss.

Seville Orange

Top notes of zesty aromatic orange segments, lead into a heart of glossy green leaves and lightly scented geranium petals, leading into a pleasantly sweet honeyed base.

*Bio Senso

Environmentally friendly product containing biological enzymes which eliminate washroom odours and create a fresh mandarin background fragrance.

*Bio Pure

Non-fragranceed, environmentally friendly product containing biological enzymes which eliminate washroom odours.

Exotic Spice 

Spicy accords of clove, cinnamon, pepper and nutmeg encompass beautiful rose and saffron, whilst fresh ginger and grapefruit add a sparkle. Base notes of patchouli and cedarwood are blended with amber, creamy sandalwood and olibanum give warmth and depth.

Sea Breeze 

An ozonic opening leads to a heart of fresh flowers and green watery tones.


A strong, fresh, clean citrus fragrance featuring notes of grapefruit, lime and lemon. Touches of rose, geranium, jasmine and neroli add extra freshness.


A juicy, citrus, accord of grapefruit, mandarin and orange with a subtle green jasmine heart and sweet base of vanilla woods.

Spring Garden

A pretty fragrance reminiscent of a wild ower bouguet. Fresh lemon and apple blend with the delicate fragrance of lilac, violet, rose and carnation. The heady scent of jasmine is sipported by musky notes.


A powdery, sweet, but citrus scent blends oral notes of delicate jasmine, neroli, geranium and rose blossom to a base of soft musks, vanilla and precious amber.

* Only on the Sanair and Puresan formulations

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Further Information

  • Fragrance Consistency
  • Non-hazardous*
  • Top Quality Fragrances
  • Made in the UK
  • REACH and CLP compliant
  • Malodour Conteractant Technology

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