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Boost your sales with new product pictures

Check our full catalogue of pictures to support your sales.

We like helping our clients not only by providing top quality products but the information and materials required for their marketing and sales campaigns.

As you might have guessed by looking at our website, we have obtained new professional product pictures. Thus, we are delighted to provide these more than 200 pictures in high resolution to our customers to freely make use of them.

Why should you update your product pictures?
  • To boost the appearance of your website and brochures including high quality images.
  • Visual impact: make a good first impression to attract customer’s attention.
  • To allow your customers to appreciate the quality of the product in more detail and from different angles.
  • To show the range of finishes available in each product.
  • To provide real examples of how the products look like in a washroom environment.
How can you get your pictures?

If you haven't got your pictures yet, contact us by email (mariona.pena@unicorn-hygienics.com) and we will send you a link to download all the images required in full resolution. These are available in a grey and white background to suit different designs requirements.