Innovair Technology Against Malodour

First impressions are important, and generally we associate bad odours as a sign of uncleanliness. The same way, a fresh and pleasant smelling washroom is identified as a sign of cleanliness and most importantly, customer care.

Our formulations contain an innovative malodour counteractant technology called Innovair, mixed with top quality concentrated perfumes.  Unlike other brands that simply mask or cover malodours, our formulations neutralize the active malodour molecules replacing them with the desired fragrance.

The Innovair technology has been created by extensive research and rigorously tested. It works by changing the brain´s perception of what the nose is smelling, replacing it with one of the selection of our 13 fragrances, from sweet scents to citrus aromas.

Fragrance has a powerful effect on human behaviour. Our mood and feelings can be highly impacted by our sense of smell. A pleasant scent can bring us memories, make us feel calm or fresh. So why not brighten your customers day by choosing the Innovair Aerosols.