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Seasonal Christmas scents

For yet another year our Christmas Fragrances are back to evoke the memories of these long awaited holidays.

These formulations are the perfect complement to accompany the spirit of Christmas: gathering with family, coming back home for those who live away, decorating the house with your loved ones, making a fancy gingerbread house etc.

Cinnamon Zest, Cranberry & Orange and Spiced Fruit fragrances intensify the warm and homely atmosphere throughout those festive days. We create magical displays in our houses/business for the perfect Christmas ambience but, what about the air? This should not be less important. The air can also be embellished by adding the fragrance in which we want people to remember us from. Not only do fragrances last in the air, but also as memories of times gone by.

In addition, getting your Christmas fragrances this year, it is easier than ever thanks to our exclusive promotion!.

Like all our formulations, our Christmas fragrances are long-lasting and contain a malodour counteractant innovative technology, which neutralises the active malodour molecules and replaces them with the desired fragrance. The only difference is that you can get our seasonal scents at £1 when taking advantage of this offer. Santa Claus has already arrived in Unicorn Hygienics with the best prices!.

Cinnamon Zest: This fruity concoction blends sweet orange with apricot, apple and nectarine. Notes of pumpkin are supported by a gourmand blend of vanilla and cinnamon.

Cranberry & Orange: Rich juice of cranberry and cherry blended with sweet orange and fresh star anise, surrounded by soft vanilla, warm nuts and almonds notes.

Spiced Fruit: a festive spiced aroma blends spicy cinnamon, bracing ginger, saffron and zingy citrus accords with fruity notes of strawberry, plum and cranberry.