Stylish finishes

Having a clean, smelling fresh washroom is important, but to make the difference and leave a good impression on your customers a good visual appearance is fundamental.

Have a white and discreet washroom or decide to have a modern design to create an attractive atmosphere that your customers won’t forget. With the range of finishes that Unicorn Hygienics offers, you can match the style of your washroom. In addition, all the dispensers from Unicorn Hygienics can be customised with the logo of your company.

All the Unicorn Hygienics’ dispensers are available in the same finishes to keep consistency – white, silver, black and chrome. Match your air fresheners (Microair and Puress), cleaners and deodorisers (Puresan and Sanair) and vending machines upgrading any washroom look.

Colours are also available under request and a minimum order quantity.

Unicorn Hygienics creates consistency not only in the dispensers’ finishes but also in the fragrances, having 13 which are available through all the range.