New Tampax Compak Lites

New Tampax vending consumable designed for better protection and discretion.

The new Tampax Compak Lites are perfect for lighter flow days and it provides protection for up to 8 hours. The new vending consumable comes with the same box dimensions as the Tampax Super 3 and Tampax Lites. This means adjusting shelves or columns is not needed when introducing this new consumable in your vending.

Why Tampax Compak Lites?

  • Retractable applicator made for discretion, smaller in size but with the same tampon size.
  • Smooth surface for a more gentle application.
  • Resistant wrapper to have one with you on the go.
  • Absorption channels at the top of the tampon.
  • Built-in Protective Skirt at the bottom of the tampon to prevent leakage.

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