Our Commitment

Corporate Social Responsibility

In Unicorn Hygienics we operate the core business in a continuous socially responsible way by behaving ethically and caring about all our stakeholders. Enhancing our customers’ environmental credentials is possible by sourcing our materials responsibly.

Good Working Environment

Promote a team which is composed of different nationalities. Contribute to improve the quality of life of our employees by offering work-life balance. Our employees are able to work different shifts to help them with childcare. We are currently renovating our facilities to improve our working environment.

Reinforcing Local Industry

By manufacturing all our products in house, therefore maintaining over 80 jobs and purchasing raw materials from local suppliers where possible.

Managing an Ethnic Business

Run an ethical business and conform to all regulations. Establish long term relationships with our customers and suppliers.

Contributing to Charity 

We support Christmas Jumper Day for children’s cancer. Sponsor participants in the Race of Life to raise funds for charities in the local area.


We take our environmental responsibility very seriously. In recent years, we have invested in installing new equipment which contribute to minimising our manufacturing impact on the environment and optimise energy efficiency.
  • Energy efficient lightening in Markethill. March 2013. Capital Investment £44,000.
  • Biomass boilers in Lisburn. December 2014. Capital Investment £100,000.
  • Energy efficient lightening in Lisburn. March 2015. Capital Investment £35.000.
  • Solar PV Panels in Lisburn. May 2015. Capital Investment £61.000.

Besides our investment in acquiring more efficient equipment, we also make sure that nothing goes to waste in our manufacturing process by recycling steel that is excess from production and regrinding plastic for reuse.

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