Chrome dispenser range

Chrome dispensers across all our range - Elegant solutions for washrooms.

For Saint Valentine's we announced the completion of our chrome dispenser range by launching the Microair cover. In this article, we will show in greater detail the full chrome finish offered throughout our full dispenser range, including our vending machines.

The chrome dispenser range is available in Microair 100ml Air Freshener, Puress 265ml Air Freshener, Puresan 310ml Urinal Cleaner, Sanair 610ml Air Freshener & Urinal Cleaner, Autovend MKI dual column machine and Trivend MKI three column machine. We like offering consistency across all our products, like supplying the same 13 fragrances in all our dispensers. We believe consistency is the key to provide a complete washroom experience in terms of cleanliness, but also in terms of design.