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Don’t let your washroom damage your company reputation

A complete washroom experience is an essential component to any business. It’s not enough to simply provide a modern office space, spacious store layout, professional boardroom or kitchen equipped with the fanciest coffee brands. At some point your visitors, perspective clients and customers will need to use your washroom facilities. More than a purely functional area, failing to provide a modern, clean and hygienic washroom experience is enough to negatively impact an otherwise positive perception of your company.

Here are our top four tips to achieve a washroom experience that won’t let your company’s reputation down.

  1. Co-ordination: A coordinated design is a simple and effective way to create a modern, clean and fresh-looking washroom. Establish the company image you wish with washroom solutions of a uniform brand and colour scheme such as; air fresheners, disposals units and vending machines. Moreover, for a truly professional finish, your washroom is also a great area to reinforce company branding. While the company logo may not have entered the initial washroom designs, customising washroom products and fittings with your logo is a great way to establish the complete company washroom experience. 
  2. Scent: An unpleasant smelling washroom can immediately influence the perception of your washroom and consequently the overall cleanliness of your company. To combat and neutralize malodours quickly, air fresheners and regular refills can help to maintain freshness. For the most demanding of washrooms, more sophisticated cleaners and deodorisers offer extra support against odours and bacteria. While fragrance selection is a personal preference, it's useful to note that an overpowering fragrance can also create an unpleasant experience. Ensure the right scent is selected to establish a pleasant-smelling area and create the perception of a clean and hygienic washroom.
  3. Daily support: Offering discretion is key to any fully equip washroom. Vending machines stocked with pocket size solutions are a great way to provide quick and discreet support when needed most! Simple to restock and adapt, customise your vending machines with the brands and products that best meet your washroom user’s needs. Also, ensuring regular maintenance, vending machines are an essential washroom facility that should not be overlooked. 
  4. Deep clean: Guaranteed to be one of the most visited areas of your company, maintaining washroom cleanliness is very important. It’s not enough to simply install air freshener dispensers, disposal units and vending facilities. Preparing a daily cleaning schedule with frequent deep cleans carried out by an in-house domestic assistant or contracted cleaner is essential. To complement daily cleaning, washroom solutions such as air fresheners and deodorisers are excellent for that extra support, keeping your washroom smelling fresh hours after cleaning.  

Ensure your company reputation is not negatively impacted by poor washroom standards. Follow these four tips to ensure your company practices the highest standards necessary to establish a positive washroom experience. To find out more about the best washroom solutions for your company, call our team on +44 2892 640 827 or email to speak to a member of our team.