Have you tried Live Chat with Unicorn Hygienics?

We are increasingly ruled by immediate gratification, instant response and where keyboards have become the tool of preference when it comes to interaction and communication. Understanding this, companies have attempted to expand communication with customers beyond phone lines and email by integrating live chat functionality into their websites.

Often taking the search to Google for solutions we are met by an endless list of company websites stating how they can help! You may have noticed a simple message “how can I help you?” attempting to spark conversation, possibly positioned at the bottom right hand corner or as a pop-up in the middle of the screen? While at first this may be considered annoying have you taken a second to consider that behind every message, is a sales agent or help desk ready to share their expertise with help you?

  • Smarter communication: Gone are the days of being tethered to phone lines! Providing a smarter platform for company customer interaction, you can forget the frustration of holding on the end of the phone line, listening to phone music to talk to a sales agent. Simplifying your interactions with our Unicorn Hygienics team you can now search our site, while taking advantage of live chat to gain instant information on the products that spark your interest.
  • Unlimited access: Ever wondered if your questions/queries are suitable to call through to the Unicorn Hygienics team? We’re always happy to talk to our customers but live chat provides the perfect alternative to a phone call.  No longer restricted by business hours, time-zones or physical barriers, live chat offers real-time convenience, just simply start a conversation online and continue it in your own time. However, it’s useful to note that an instant reply may not be possible outside of our 9.00-17.00 business hours, but we are very good at responding when we are live in the office.
  • Instant quote: With real-time interaction instant quotes provide you that extra assurance and knowledge, to make an informed decision about your new Unicorn Hygienics orders. From search to purchase we aim to provide a seamless online customer experience, combining live chat with our customer portal. You can simply log on to your portal to find our full product range and support resources, allowing you to take complete control online.

The complete Unicorn Hygienics experience is now available at the touch of a few buttons! Next time you take your search online, why not try our live chat for an instant hygienics solution.