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It's Time to Go Green

It’s safe to say that the demand for eco-friendly green products is on the rise globally, but what exactly are eco-friendly products? Defined as those ‘not harmful to the environment’ an eco-friendly product must be produced from raw materials that will not harm the environment during or after it’s lifespan. Consumers are now demanding green products across all sectors, from cleaning to cosmetics to the food stacked on supermarket shelves and it’s the job of manufacturers, suppliers and retailers to provide eco-friendly products for consumers.

As a manufacturer, Unicorn Hygienics recognise the importance of eco-friendly products and have identified a number of benefits for the environment, employees and end users.  


Minimises Exposure to Toxins

It’s often the case that employees will spend more time in the workplace than their domestic homes, making the air quality, cleanliness and safety of the environment for staff highly important. The primary concern with cleaning products is the harmful effects the toxins and chemical ingredients can have. Once released into the atmosphere, toxic chemicals can be consumed by being inhaled or absorbed through the skin and take a negative effect on a person’s respiratory system. Certain chemicals can also pollute streams, rivers and take longer to degrade and transfer into harmless products with some not breaking down at all and remaining in the environment.

To create a healthy working environment with clean indoor air quality, Unicorn Hygienics source only EU REACH approved (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and restriction of Chemicals) fragrances with enzyme based chemical free options available.


Reduces Carbon Footprint  

Our carbon footprint makes a dramatic impact on the environment and our actions will affect our planet for years to come. At Unicorn Hygienics, this is a major concern and we constantly strive for new ways to invest in ethical and sustainable manufacturing methods. Our headquarters office and factory facility in Northern Ireland is fitted with solar PV panels ensuring that 100% of our electricity is generated from renewable energy sources. Our entire product range, consisting of air fresheners, cleaners and deodorisers, vending machines and sanitary disposal units are manufactured using ethically sourced materials and palm oil free fragrances.   


Sustainable Development

Naturally, every business wants to grow and succeed in their chosen industries, but it’s important to meet the targets of the business without affecting the ability of future generations to meet their needs. Sustainable development is the practice of developing projects in a way that reduces their impact on the environment by allowing them to create energy efficient models of self-sufficiency.

Unicorn Hygienics place sustainable development and minimising our environmental footprint at the heart of our business. In recent years, we have set targets to minimise waste, install environmentally efficient machinery, eliminate non-reusable plastics, recycle raw materials where possible and we are working towards a paperless office and factory.

Using this combination of ethical manufacturing and innovative technology, Unicorn Hygienics have become a market leader in the washroom industry. We are the only company to deliver a complete range of washroom hygiene solutions that includes vending machines, air fresheners, cleaners and deodorisers, leading brand vending consumables and sanitary bins. All products are designed and manufactured by our in-house team in Northern Ireland and dedicated customer service teams are on-hand everyday to deliver expert product advice. An online Customer Portal is also available, allowing customers 24/7 access to place online orders, check stock levels, invoices and gain access to training and instruction manuals.


To find out more about our production methods and product range, visit or contact for more information.