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Social media in 2018 saw a dramatic rise in the amount of home interior and cleaning bloggers, inspiring the nation's households to stick that extra wash on, do the dishes every night (rather than the next morning) and to make sure the bathroom always smells heavenly. But as we become more attentive to cleaning our homes, shouldn’t we focus on our businesses just as much, if not more?

Research shows that consumers are less likely to work for and/or spend money with businesses that have poorly maintained washrooms and almost 41% of office workers saying their employer needs to improve their washroom hygiene standards. Furthermore, unpleasant odours in the workplace can also lead to employees feeling frustrated and discontented with the lack of importance placed on the cleanliness of their working environment. Businesses are now required to create clean, welcoming washroom facilities that consistently maintain fresh fragrances for customers and employees.

Unicorn Hygienics create high quality washroom cleansing solutions, offering a range of air fresheners, cleaners and deodorisers with fragrance options to suit individual customer tastes, including new fragrances; Jasmine, Spiced Apple, Green Apple and Lemongrass and Lime.

Fragrance combinations are carefully formulated so that, rather than masking odours the scents neutralise the active molecules and replace them with a pleasant smell. The air fresheners and cleaning dispensers are easily programmable with different service programme lengths to choose from, ensuring washrooms smell consistently fresh and create a pleasant environment.

To find out more about the Unicorn Hygienics washroom hygiene range, contact info@unicorn-hygienics.com