National Fragrances Week | How Fragrances Work

As part of National Fragrances Week today we're looking at our sense of smell and how certain scents have a way of changing our mood and create an inviting atmosphere. Equally, it can make us wary of certain places and situations if we experience an off-putting smell. That’s why it’s important for fragrance creators to take care when combining scents and carefully analysing the effect of the fragrance, both initially and after a longer period.

Fragrances are created using what’s referred to as top, middle (sometimes known as heart notes) and base notes and are engineered to have a three-part smell process. The first part to appear are the top notes and they appear within the first 15 minutes. Designers sometimes add unusual smells to this part so that they catch your attention without lingering for long enough to be off putting.

The middle (or heart) notes appear after 3-4 hours and will make up anywhere from 40-80% of the fragrance. Normally this is where the most memorable part of the smell will be whether it be fruity, floral or aromatic.

The base note appears 4-5 hours later and is used to boost the strength of the top and middle notes. To achieve this, hints of musky, watery and woody scents are used as the base.

Unicorn Hygienics have a wide range of fragrances available for use in cleaners, deodorisers and air fresheners. The different scent ranges have been carefully developed so that the top, middle and base notes compliment each other and create a pleasant washroom atmosphere.

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