National Fragrances Week | New Releases

It’s Day 4 of National Fragrances Week! Today we're featuring the new fragrances available from Unicorn Hygienics.

Unicorn Hygienics have 15 fragrances available with different ranges tailored to suit individual tastes and environments. Ranges include; classic, citrus, floral and seasonal. We have recently released some new additions to our fragrance lines, Spiced Apple, Green Apple, Jasmine and Lemongrass & Lime.

Green Apple is a crisp, refreshing fragrance. With apple, pear and pineapple top notes, apple middle notes and raspberry base notes and an intensity rating of 5, the fragrance is powerful enough to create a consistently fresh washroom environment.  

The Spiced Apple scent has mouth-watering lush green apple, pear and cocoa top notes, aromatic cinnamon and strawberry middle notes with raspberry and peach base notes. The fragrance has an intensity rating of 5 and delivers a warm and inviting fragrance to washrooms.

Jasmine is a delightfully full bodied, calm fragrance. Top notes are citrus, middle notes are jasmine, lily, rose ylang and base notes are musk and amber. Jasmine is a less intense scent than the other new products with a rating of 3, this helps create a soft, soothing washroom atmosphere.

Our fourth new fragrance is Lemongrass & Lime. This is a sparkling and sweet sherbet citrus fragrance. Top notes are lemongrass, lime, orange, lemon and eucalyptus, middle notes are lilac, rose, peach and honey and base notes are jasmine. This combination of fragrances can make your washroom delightful and appealing to staff and customers alike.

Unicorn Hygienics fragrances are available for use in our air fresheners and cleaners and deodorisers. Visit the Unicorn Hygienics Fragrances page for more information.

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