Upgrade your vending machines - A new touch of style

It’s well known that the design has an important role to play in the perception of the quality of the products. Whether we accept it or not, first impressions do count so providing elegant and stylish vending solutions contribute to boost end users’ confidence towards the products, thus increase sales.

Are you looking for something different to attract your customers? We have developed a new cover generation which brings a refreshing look to match different washroom environments. MKII design contains new curved edges and a stainless-steel metal plate for the labels and escutcheons. This new design is available in the Autovend and now also in the Trivend. In addition, they both offer three finishes (white, silver and black) to suit all customers’ demands.

Upgrading your vending machines is easier than you think as these covers will show off a brand new look and provide a durable protection to your vending systems.