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Pursan Multi Surface Cleaner

PursanĀ® Multi Surface Cleaner is a general purpose disinfectant cleaner. Effective against viruses and kills 99.9% of bacteria, it is especially suitable for the food & beverage industry, restaurants, schools, office buildings, athletic facilities, hotels, swimming pools & leisure facilities.

Pursan® Multi Surface Cleaner is ideal for use on a wide range of surfaces.


Excellent bactericidal and viral activity.


General purpose disinfectant for routine hygienic applications.


Compatible with a wide range of materials, including PVC.


Produced in Northern Ireland to ISO 9001 & ISO 14001 standards.


Ideal for at home use or in the workplace.


Tested in accordance with EN 1276, EN 13697 (against bacteria) and EN 14476 


Available 750ml trigger spray and 5L bulk refill


Pursan® Multi Surface Cleaner is effective against enveloped viruses including HBV, HCV and HIV (blood-borne viruses), all members of the Coronaviridae family including MERS-CoV, the Filoviridae family including Ebola virus and the Paramyxoviridae family including Measles virus.

Safety Data Sheet available on request

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