The Multivend is an electronic washroom vending machine designed to be versatile and elegant. This multi-option vending machine allows customers to sell up to nine products. The Multivend is fully automatic and has a digital display indicating price, stock availability and service requirements. This dispenser can be wall-mounted and it is fully programmable to dispense a wide range of leading brand name consumables. All our washroom vending machines come with an installation and operation manual. Training courses are available under request.

  • Up to 9 product choices
  • 6 and 10 button options
  • Can be converted into a nappy vend
  • Secure electronic operation
  • Out of stock indicator
  • Accepts up to 12 different coins
  • Configurable for any currency
  • Does not provide change
  • Refund button
  • Self-contained, battery powered – no mains wiring
  • Can be customised with company logos
  • 1 year warranty
  • Anti-vandalism lock

Available in: ABS white and steel white or silver

Height: 1000mm

Width: 360mm

Depth: 230mm

Weight: 13.5kg (Plastic)

Weight: 20.8kg (Steel)

Minimum Packet Sizes: 60mm x 45mm x 15mm

Maximum Packet Sizes: 135mm x 90mm x 42mm

1 year warranty

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