Installation parts

The Sanair and Puresan Cleaners & Deodorisers can be installed to service any WC or urinal. We want to make sure you have everything you need in one place. To help you make the wide ranging types on installations from saddle clamp into pipe, to feeding a cistern - we can provide you with the necessary parts, manuals and videos.

- Silicon tube

- T & L connectors

- Non return valves

- Chromed bronze pipes (available in 350mm & 1000mm)

- Saddle clamp kit

- In-Line kit

- Chrome Pipe joining piece

- Nylon tube reducer

- Stainless steel brackets (also available screw mounted)

- Stainless steel tabs

- Batteries


The Sanair and Puresan can be installed by using different types of installations. The Sanair can be installed into two urinals at the same time. The Puresan can be installed below the cistern. We supply all the parts that are needed for these installations:


*Saddle Clamp Installation

*In-line Kit Installation

*Double Installation

*W/C System (Hidden cistern with recessed flush)

*Urinal system (Lever flush)

*Advanced Installation (Extrusion set)


Please contact our team if you would like to download our installation manuals.

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