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Sanair Cleaner & Deodoriser Dispenser

Sanair 610ml Cleaner & Deodoriser Dispenser is a revolutionary 2 in 1 device designed to keep urinals/WC clean, as well as delivering fragrance into the air. Sanair dispenses a measured dose of fluid automatically into the urinals/WC preventing them from further bacteria. Every flush produces a concentrated and fragrant foam, eliminating germs and reducing surface stains and deposits in the urinal/WC porcelain micro-pores. Sanair 610ml formulations refills attack and help dissolve deposits, which clog and block internal pipes. Sanair consists of a wick system placed in a convection chamber, which increases the air flow through vends on the covers, thus providing intense pleasant fragrances.

  • Refill size: Operates with 610ml liquid refills
  • Dosage: Over 6000 metered doses. These refills are formulated to not only clean but also provide a lasting and pleasant fragrance.
  • Service intervals: 30 days service program sprays every 6.5 minutes or 60 days service program sprays every 13 minutes
  • Tamper-Resistant Design: The system incorporates hidden wires to prevent tampering, ensuring the reliability and longevity of the cleaning solution.
  • Locking Options: Choice of keyed or un-keyed locks, offering control over access to the dispenser.
  • Spirit Level for Precision Installation: A built-in spirit level ensures that the dispenser is installed accurately with ease.
  • Versatile Installation: Can be installed at a lower level than the cistern, offering flexibility in positioning it within the washroom.
  • Service Programs: Offers 2 service programs - 30-day or 60-day service programming allowing users to customise the cleaning frequency.

  • Warning LEDs: The dispenser is equipped with warning LEDs that indicate when battery replacement and refill replacement are needed, ensuring that the unit operates smoothly

  • Operates on 2 X D cell batteries
  • Available in ABS white, black and chrome
  • Height: 273mm
  • Width: 133mm
  • Depth: 98mm
  • Weight: 700mm
  • 1 year warranty
  • Dispenser material: Polypropylene
  • Cover material: ABS 
  • Lens: Polycarbonate

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